Paula Fuga .

A humble beginning surrounded by the blues and gospel music of Louisiana, rooted and matured in the cultural richness and diversity of Hawaii, and eventually touring the West Coast of America have infused Paula Fuga with a voice that is wet with soul from America’s Bible Belt, ripened by the various textures of paradise, and cultivated with sophistication through a sovereign journey.

On her independent record label, Pakipika Productions, Paula Fuga has managed to release her unique flavor of music around the world, earning an astounding and dedicated fan base, while collecting impressive critical acclaim, including a Na Hoku Hano Hano Award; Hawaii’s highest and most prestigious music honor, which lead to her collaboration with the Honolulu Symphony, opening for Three Dog Night. She’s also been a prominent feature on the L.A. indie radio station 103.1’s Native Wayne Show, and featured as the Global Hit on NPR’s syndicated The World.

In 2006, she was one of the first Hawaii-based artists invited to take part in Jack Johnson’s Kokua Festival. A friendship sparked, and the Grammy Award winner has since collaborated with Fuga to record Country Road as a benefit for the fund-raising CD, Mana Maoli, with money used to support Native Hawaiian Charter Schools. Jack and Paula have subsequently appeared alongside one another on “Give Voice,” a featured track on Culver City Dub Collective’s debut CD, Dos. The L.A. based dub-outfit, Culver City Dub Collective backed up Fuga on her May 2007 U.S. tour, shared the stage again in Fuga’s January 2008 West Coast tour, and will collaborate yet again for the West Coast leg of Jack Johnson’s 2008 U.S. tour

In September 2007, Fuga organized the inaugural Lilikoi Fair in Honolulu, a 3-day festival benefiting the launch of her non-profit organization, The Lilikoi Foundation. The foundation will aid women in transition, providing them with medical assistance, mentorship opportunities for teenagers, counseling, and classes geared at strengthening individual self-love and respect. Fuga’s hard at work ushering in a positive support system for at-risk women in Hawaii, and continues to work towards causes that strengthen families in both her music and through her foundation.

Kua'ana .

Hailing from the islands of Hawai’i, Kua’ana brings the Hawaiian reggae vibe to the mainland, making you feel like you are back on the islands. The boys hooked up in Carson, California after resurrecting the original Kua’ana lineup several years ago. The band spent so much time together they felt like they must be related - Kua'ana was re-born. It didn't take long to get the buzz going about this new island rhythms band and Kua'ana soon found themselves performing at clubs up and down the West Coast.

Beatnick's love affair with music began at a young age with the heavy rotation of his parents' disco records (breaking their record player) and staying up late on weekends to listen in on DJ mix shows in grade school. Hearing the call of music, Beatnick would sneak out to attend underground parties, fascinated by the DJ's ability to create a vibe and control the people's emotions. His lifelong love for music translated into a deep passion for collecting vinyl and sharing his love with others through DJ'ing. His style exudes all forms of soul music. A musical buffet of Downtempo, Dub Reggae, Broken Beat, Neo-Soul, classic Hip Hop, and soulful House make up his distinct sound.

Weekly you can see Beatnick at San Diego's ultra exclusive Ivy Hotel & one of the foremost San Diego music connoisseur venues called Bar Dynamite. In recent times he's shared the stage with celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Danity Kane + More), world class dj's (Scene, Graham Funke, J-Boogie, Mark Farina, Vice + More) & working with many corporate clients (Scion, Toyota, Guess, Neiman Marcus + More)