Our Focus

Friends of Kingston will strive to fulfill its mission by focusing on four basic areas : Family Programs / Domestic Funding / Research Funding /Event Funding

Family Programs
Friends of Kingston is a resource for medical professionals and families dealing with primary immune deficiency diseases. Our Family Programs will share valuable knowledge regarding financial assistance, medical information and guidance through medical processes.

Domestic Funding
Friends of Kingston understands the need for parents to be with their children during hospital treatments and extended hospitalization. Specific funding will be allocated to assist families with these financial needs.

Research Funding
Seeking cures for a variety of primary immune deficiency diseases is a paramount goal for Friends of Kingston. Networking efforts are afforded between organizations through hosting and attending conferences and seminars. Our focus is to optimize information flow connecting small pockets of primary immune deficiency diseases research globally.

Event Funding
A myriad of fund-raising events will be initiated and maintained by Friends of Kingston to ensure financial stability and much needed assistance for families. Our fundraising includes but is not limited to :
- Semi annual music benefits
- Business Product Partnerships
- Business and Private Donor Registry’s